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VoIP Business - Line Trunking
VoiP Solutions by Mendax for your Business

Business Line Trunking is a simple solution to allow companies free calls between their branches, better long distance rates and to take advantage of VoIP technology even though they still use legacy PBX systems. Unlike some technology providers, Mendax has created solutions that do not force companies to replace existing systems. The solution is just a simple add-on to an existing PBX system to allow for new, enhanced features and services and better cost control. Mendax solutions ensures that there is no need for complex programming at the PBX level as all approved VOIP Gateways can be programmed to handle all the traffic routes and intelligence Local calls are still handled thorough local PSTN network which is used as a backup line as well. Calls are completely transparent to end users – they do not know which network is used to handle the call.

Modern businesses need to take control of their communication costs without adding unnecessary complexity to their technology solutions.

Moreover, businesses need to take full advantage of their already installed PBX systems and add more cost effective features and long distance solutions.

Businesses want to take advantage of new technologies gradually, without having to replace their legacy systems at once.
  • Free calls between branch office.
  • Same dialling experience from any location with broadband internet connection as in the office.
  • With Find Me/Follow Me everybody can reach you at one office number with call forwarded to a device of your choice depending on time of day or caller ID
  • Automatic voice mail to e-mail forwarding.
  • On-line usage monitoring, review and modification of VoIP extensions features.
  • Optional Soft-phone to enable anytime, from anywhere free communication with the office
  • No need for expensive PBX programming.
What do I need ?
Installing the Business Line Trunking Service is quite simple. There are a few things you need to have in order to ensure reliable and quality services.

1 High Speed / Broadband internet connection at central office and at remote locations.

2. Legacy PBX already in place.

3. Allow access to the PBX system.


How do I get started ?

1. Contact our sales department (800-963-6329) and request “Business Line Trunking” services.

2. You will receive Business Line Trunking adapter for your central office.

3.Follow the installation instruction for setting up the adapter.

4 .Mendax will assist you in more complex implementation aspects.

5. Mendax will program gateways to redirect all your internal and long distance or local calls over the appropriate networks.



• Auto-attendant (IVR)

• Dedicated telephone number for remote extensions independent from your main telephone numbers.

• Free local calls and inexpensive long distance rates

Where to go from here?

Tell us about your project / your needs
Call us @ 1-800-963-6329 and ask to speak with a VoIP Business Line Trunking consultant
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