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Remote Extension Business Phone System VoIP
Connect your offices with VoIP

Remote Extension services can significantly reduce your monthly charges while adding valuable enhanced features at little or no extra costs. Employees that are out of office, traveling or working from remote locations, can always be reached at their office extension as if they were at the office. This is completely transparent to your customers and co-workers. Calls between remote location and your central office are FREE. Our solutions are standards based and can interwork with almost any existing PBX or Key system, like Norstar, Meridian, NEC, Toshiba, etc.


  • Free calls between your office and remote locations.
  • Same dialling experience from any location with a broadband internet connection as if you were in the office.
  • With Find Me/Follow Me customers and colleagues can reach you at one office number with call forwarded to a device of your choice (office phone, home phone, mobile, pager, etc) depending on time of day or caller ID
  • Automatic voice mail to e-mail forwarding.
  • On-line usage monitoring, review and modification of VoIP extensions features.
  • Soft-phone installed on your laptop to enable anytime, from anywhere free communication with the office
What do I need ?
Creating remote extension is quite simple. There are a few things you need to have in order to ensure reliable and quality services.

1. You need a High Speed / Broadband internet connection in your office and at remote location.

I2. If extension that you want to convert to “remote extension” is DIGITAL instead of ANALOG, you will need to contact the company who services your existing Telephone system and request an analog extension. Call our customer service if you need a help with this inquiry


How do I get started ?

1. Contact our sales department and request “Remote Extension” service.

2. You will receive Extension adapter for your central office and IP phones or adapters of your choice for remote locations.

3. Follow the installation instructions for setting up the Extension adapters.

4. Connect the phones at remote locations and you are ready to dial your co-workers and customers!



• Additional phone for another location

• Soft phone that turns any laptop into an office phone while travelling

• Enhanced Voice mail for remote extensions.

• Auto-attendant (IVR)

• Dedicated telephone number for Remote extension independent from your main telephone numbers.

• Free local calls and inexpensive long distance calls

Where to go from here?

Tell us about your project / your needs
Call us @ 1-800-963-6329 and ask to speak with a VoIP Remote Extension consultant
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