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Reduce your monthly phone charges

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services can significantly reduce your monthly phone charges while adding valuable enhanced features at little or no extra costs.

For example, you can be assured business partners can always reach you with the “follow me” feature. Or, you can have your voice mail messages delivered to your email for fast access.

Today, VoIP technology is mature and the services are highly reliable. Like traditional phone services, VoIP services are based on international standards and have defined parameters to ensure reliability and quality for all calls.

If you have a broadband internet connection, we can guide you through the process and have you on-board with VoIP services within days.


    • One number to reach you where ever you are. With Call Forwarding and Find Me/Follow Me, your customers can call you at only one number and you can customize the device (office phone, cell phone, home phone, pager, voicemail, e-mail) the call is forwarded to based on the time of day or caller ID

    • Unlimited long distance calls in North America.

    • Free calls while travelling. Optional travel phone.

    • Ability to monitor your monthly usage on-line, review of modify your VoIP account features from anywhere. • Automatic voice mail forwarding to email as an attachment.

    • Choice of area codes for main or secondary line to allow for local presence in another city.

    • Possibility to add professional auto-attendant
What do I need ?
Switching from a traditional phone service to VoIP is quite simple. There are only a few things you need to have in order to ensure reliable and quality services.

1. You need a broadband internet connection, and a DSL or cable modem.

2. We will send you an adaptor to connect your phone and your IP network (broadband internet connection) Optionally, you can even connect your existing telephone line to the adaptor, If you wish to keep it as a backup.

3. If you travel frequently, we can provide you a “companion travel” phone or a software based phone to allow you to call from anywhere where there is a broadband internet connection for free.


How do I get started ?

1. Contact our sales department and request “SOHO line” service.

2. We will assign you a telephone number with area code of your choice. If you wish to keep the existing phone number, please contact our customer support for availability in your region.

3. You will receive an adaptor, if you wish to keep your existing phone. Alternatively, we can send you a feature rich IP phone.

4. You are ready for your business



• Auto-attendant (IVR)

• Additional phone, adapter or soft phone for travelling

• Additional telephone numbers with different area codes

• Separate extensions for your co-workers

Where to go from here?

Tell us about your project / your needs
Call us @ 1-800-963-6329 and ask to speak with a VoIP SOHO consultant
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