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Custom Software Development

Many people have realized or will soon realize that having a custom application tailored specifically to their needs will save a lot of time and allow for a much greater productivity and organization within your company in the long run.

Mendax Micro started in this field as a second venture back in 1999 when we've realized that this was the best way to go for our own application and web site.  We wanted a web application that would control our web site, our clients, our products and solutions.  We also wanted this single application to manage our corporate events, monthly prize draws and company news.

As time passes, adding to your custom software is simple, quick and cheap.  After our initial launch back in 1999, we've never stopped improving our application.  Today, we have our own quoting system module, lead generation module and have developed a module for telesales.  Basically, our imagination is our limitation.  Best of all, almost every aspect on our web site (front and back end) can be handled by just about anyone within our organization.  You do not have to be a programmer in order to add, update or modify any aspect, product or solution on our site.

If you think about all this you will realize that a custom application simply translates your thoughts to a software application.  You know what it takes for your company to operate at its best and most efficient; this is what a custom application will do for you.  Some advantages of customizing your own application are:

  • Quicker employee training (less of your time spent)
  • You get exactly what you want
  • Minimize the number of applications you use on a daily basis
  • No licensing limitations

Many people might still have the misconception that having your own application makes you a slave of the company that writes the code for you.  That's not true with us.  Our programmers write using Microsoft's .NET platform.  We also properly comment each module and procedure within our code so in the event that you wish to move on, or continue developing the application in-house – there's never a problem.  Once your custom application is completed, it belongs to you.

Today Mendax Micro develops both large and small scale applications.  From your little application that allows you to manage your employees / specific forms to large scale software that manages government procedures.

If you would like to get the ball rolling on your own custom software application, tell us about it by using one of the options below.  We understand that you may not have all the answers today and might have to “figure things out” as we move along but the fact that you're reading this now indicates that it is time

Mendax Micro has professional certified technicians all over the country (US and Canada ).  If you would like us to quote you on this upgrade, simply choose one of the options below.
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