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Sentinel Firewall TMG
Sentinel Security Appliance

TMG 2010 Server

The Mendax Sentinel TMG firewall is designed to protect your business against unauthorized users accessing your information. Based on the TMG 2010 application, the Mendax Sentinel makes for a formidable opponent to anyone trying to compromise your company’s infrastructure. The Mendax Sentinel is the next-generation integrated edge security product, delivering new levels of security, simplified management, and performance.

Some of the Mendax Sentinel’s features include remote access and management, virtual private networking (VPN), monitoring and reporting; yet it is simple to install and manage. Additional drivers and components are easily downloadable from our web site. Trained technicians are always ready to answer your general and sometimes not so general questions when setting up your new firewall appliance.

The Mendax Sentinel comes with a 3-year warranty and ships complete with plug and play features, a users manual and recovery discs.

Sentinel TMG 2010 Series Firewall
  Sentinel TMG 2010
Mendax Part#
Ms TMG Ver.
Gigabit NIC's

2x Intel GB Nics

350 Watt
Dim. (in Inches)

(1U) 19x1.75x20.5


Install 3rd party plug-ins
Driver CD
$1 995,01 USD
$2,195.00 CAD

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