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Maritime Security

What is the ISPS Code?
The ISPS Code provides a framework through which ships and port facilities can co-operate to detect and deter acts which pose a threat to maritime security. The ISPS Code enables the detection and deterrence of security threats within an international framework, establishes roles and responsibilities, enables collection and exchange of security information, provides a methodology for assessing security and ensures that adequate security measures in place.

It requires ship and port facility staff to gather and assess information, maintain communication protocols, restrict access, prevent the introduction of unauthorised weapons, etc. , provide the means to raise alarms and put in place vessel and port security plans and ensure training and drills are conducted.

What are the benefits ?
We can provide you with expert security advice delivered at a level that suits your needs. You receive the assistance you need to develop and implement an effective security management system that meets the requirements of the ISPS Code.

In the most part of the international ports, the ISPS Code certification is a minimum requirement for any international ship that dock there.

Mendax expertise
Mendax's ISPS code expertise is internationally recognized, enhanced by a sound reputation in ISPS code implementation. Mendax's Maritime Security ISPS code experts have the synthesis of specialities necessary to direct and support clients through the entire process from site auditing and assessment, through remedial action plans and their properly managed execution, to final verification and sign-off.

Mendax will interact with strategic partners and integrators to ensure collaborative and cooperative solutions.

How does Mendax help?
We offer a full suite of services to help you comply with the ISPS Code in the most practical and cost-effective manner. Our full range of ISPS services includes:

Maritime security consultancy services - communicating the security requirements of the IMO
Guidance on design and implementation of appropriate corporate security measures
Threast assessments of vessels and port facilities
External security assessments and validation of security measures
Design and management of scenario-based exercises
Training of PFSO's, CSO's and SSO's to internationally recognised IMO standards
Provision of emergency response teams to deploy world-wide in the event of security incidents
Maritime threat intelligence information services - Pharos
Implementation of Security Level I, II and III
Competent Authority service, including 24/7 Security Response and 24/7 Remote Monitoring of Ship Alert Systems
Company Security Officer - Acting on behalf of clients as the designated authority (CSO)
24/7 Global Emergency Response for your safety, security and medical needs

Advisory services for port operators
The ISPS code requires that security assessments are carried out and that security plans are developed. Because no two ports or port facilities are the same, we will work with you to develop the most efficient and cost-effective range of advisory services suited to your organisation.

Port and port facilities can be very complex. We can provide you with a gap analysis a detailed report of the requirements necessary to achieve compliance with the ISPS Code and national requirements. Our analysis will identify the training needs of your port facility security officers (PFSOs) and others, and describe how to develop port facility security assessments (PFSAs) where applicable, and port facility security plans (PFSPs) for approval by contracting governments.

You may be able to use the gap analysis as the basis for an action plan, enabling you to develop your PFSP in-house. Should you require further assistance, we can work with you to develop a package that is tailored to your specific needs.
Training services for CSOs, SSOs and PFSOs
Required by some flag administrations, although not specifically required by the Code, is the need for security management training. We have developed programmes for company, ship and port facility security officers, which are available worldwide at times and locations of your choice.





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