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Radio Communication

Mendax is an wireless radio communication provider. We provide system planning, design and implementation management services to ensure the best wireless (radio) communications solution for Public Safety, Government, Industry, Transportation and more. We customize, design and implement the right wireless radio communications solutions to meet our clients' specific needs. All our products producing robust and reliable portable and mobile radios equipment that performs in the harshest of environments.

Public safety
Mendax deliver radio communication solutions to public safety organizations worldwide by serving Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Rescue, EMS professionals and more. Mendax radio communication solutions meet the specific needs of counties and cities and deliver interoperability, reliability, dependability and functionality requirements to meet public safety environment needs.

Our products provides clear audio quality, high RF performance, multi-fleet user groups and encryption, all the features required for critical mission situations.

Mendax radio communication equipment is fully interoperable with other manufacturers' equipment. This way, all emergency services can work together during critical situations. Our products are based on global open standards to make it possible to integrated them with a high range of dispatch consoles.

Rescue facilities
Public safety and Search and Rescue agencies are critically dependent on their radiocommunication systems to provide services to the public. When their radio systems are interfered with, the ability to protect and serve the public is impaired, leaving human lives and property at risk.

In Aviation, marine, forest and other unpredictable environment, the rescue safety organisations seek out hazards and uses information gathered to develop safety awareness programs to have bether rescue interventions. The weather and the meteorologic conditions are othen difficult, so it's essential to have a rugged Communication System that will inscrease the security intervention.

National Parks and Forest rangers

In addition to be a person charged with protecting and preserving protected parklands, forests (then called a forest ranger), this person must also be aware of persons security in parks and forests as well as helping Firefighter in the high season. Safety, responsiveness and flexibility are very important for companies who must ensure safety and efficiency. As they are far from public services and communications it's very important to deliver them a strong radio relable equipment and GPS localisation system.

Two-way radio communications is one of the best management tools available for increasing productivity per man hour and vehicle. Thousands of companies have realized greater profits through communications.


Public or co-op electric, nuclear, oil and gas, water treatment and wastewater services require reliable, robust and instant communications to link all facilities and staff together to serve customers effectively. Mendax solution are a perfect fit for all utility needs and offer outstanding flexibility to meet the demanding needs of large area networks with voice, data and GPS/AVL. Mendax is experienced in providing cost-effective, scalable and reliable solutions.

Safety, responsiveness and flexibility are very important for companies who must ensure safety and efficiency. Mendax deliver customized solutions products to suited utilities environments and features monitoring, programming and e-mail alert capabilities. We also provides wide area radio coverage with the minimum amount of infrastructure and cost.

Adventure tourism
Today, the Adventure Tourism, like Safari, Mountaineering, etc. is growing up in popularity and to ensure the security of those persons is more important than ever for toursim companies. All the logistic organisation is based on the communications providing. To be able to communicate to anybody at any time is essential and it's only with the best equipment that it's possible to reach an high level of security:
  • A reliable phone connection with global reach – far exceeding your cell phone carrier’s range.
  • Reliable High-speed Internet access to keep your customers online and connected.
  • Full email and faxing capabilities to help your business run efficiently.
  • Transaction and PoS networks to handle commerce on the spot, without the need to relay paperwork back to corporate office.


Small and large transportation organizations have specific radio communication needs that Mendax can provides effectively. This is why Mendax work with strategic partners and integrators to provide complete radio communication solutions.

Internal high speed data options, multiple auxiliary ports and Hardware Developers Kit is examples of what our products can offer. Mendax radio communication products are easy to adapt to specific companies requirements.

Large numbers of people pass through airports every day. Such a large gathering of people presents a natural target for terrorism and other forms of crime due to the number of people located in a small area. Similarly, the high concentration of people on large airliners, the potential high lethality rate of attacks on aircraft, and the ability to use a hijacked airplane as a lethal weapon provide an alluring target for terrorism.

Airport security provides a first line of defense by attempting to stop would-be attackers from bringing weapons or bombs into the airport. If they can succeed in this, then the chances of these devices getting on to aircraft are greatly reduced. As such, airport security serves two purposes: To protect the airport from attacks and crime and to protect the aircraft from attack.

Truck industry
For a companies with several numbers of trucks and employees deployed in a very large territory, to have solid communication and localisation system is crucial. The material that transport the trucks is an important value for the companies as well as the security of the truckers who bring them into right destinations. Mendax can provide a perfect and flexible solution for any transportation companies.
Theme parks, Zoo, Green parks
The communication in theme parks is a major challenge. Thousand and thousand of persons every day walk trough a incredible amount of activities. At every minutes many incidents can happen, so it's crutial for be able to reach fastly the emergency resources to provide fast responses and to manage all the rest of the theme park at the same time.
Sport events
Professional and collegiate stadiums and arenas have been identified by the Department of Homeland Security as potential targets for terrorist activity. Sports events in the United States offer the potential for mass casualties as well as wide spread media coverage and economic impact. The fear resulting from an event or series of events could cripple a multi billion dollar industry. It's crucial to provide an adapted security level for every category of persons : the athletes, the coaches, the officials, the volonteers and workers, the spectators, the medias, etc. For all those purpose, the communication will be indispensable to coordonate all the personnal and for any special request in the event.
Behind the camera, the media team must to be in a fraction of seconds synchronised tho provide the right information, at the right place and at the right moment. To give a professionnal quality information, it's important to have a strong communication system that won't fell because of the little weather changing. Get rugged Mendax communication systems that will gives you the information as long as the event is in action and even much longer.


Communication is essential to assure the security of large entertainment and sports comlexes. Mendax can customize solutions that will fit your needs to maximize efficiency to maintain a high level of safety for your infrastructure and customers. Our products is design to be used by special events and everyday workers so they can communicate to provide customers an enjoyable experience.

We offer our services in a wide range of services including:

  • security
  • parking lots
  • ticketing
  • maintenance
  • food and beverage
  • housekeeping
  • general administration
  • surveillance


Mining companies need the highest demands regarding safety, responsiveness and flexibility with their radio communication system. It's why Mendax is the leading supplier of integrated communications solutions in both above and underground operations. With our services, you make sure that safety and efficiency is never compromised. Our products are designed to be reliable, robust and to assure instant communications with all operational facilities and staffs.

In military deployement missions, it's important to have lightweight and portable system like satellite terminals, comparable to or smaller than the size of a laptop computer, that will enable users to access email, corporate networks and the internet, transfer files, video conference, and make telephone calls, from nearly anywhere in the world.
Forest workers
The Forestery industry generates billions of revenu into national economy. Forest workers past longs days, weeks and month into the forest, far aways from the urban facilities. It's then crutial to have a strong communication system that have a long duty and replacable elements. Communication is essentiel to assure the security on a large territory that is far of traditionnal resources and improve the mobility of the workers into the territory.

Also, their is need for Radio communications that keep truck and heavy-duty equipment traffic – such as that used in wildfire fighting -- moving efficiently.

Customized Solutions

Mendax understand that every organization's radio communications needs are different. That's why we offer solutions that can be customizes to meet customers' specific requirements. Mendax have expertises on detailed understanding of customers needs.

We can design customized software and hardware solution, integrate our product with other technologies and develop turnkey solutions to fit your needs.



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