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Hosted Computer Network!

If you are looking to upgrade or implement a corporate computer network, consider the benefits of a hosted solution. Eliminate IT headaches and get free Microsoft upgrades. Thousands of users are already realizing the benefits of this hosted solution, you can too.

We have made available a Microsoft Office Suite hosted desktop solution for SMB's. Instead of purshasing your own business software and infrastructural hardware, contending with tedious licensing and compliance issues, and maintaining your own server to store your business information and files, you get access to a dynamic service product that cost effectivly alleviates your pain.

Your hosted corporate-level Windows desktop (including Microsoft business programs and most 3rd-party software applications) is stored, maintained and backed up on secure in industry leading state-of-the-art data center facilities. To access your applications and data, employees simply "log in" from anywhere in the world they have a broadband connection.

Peace of Mind
Office suite included
Exchange / Outlook
Security and systems stability
Data back-up
Software updates, upgrade and maintenance
Full licensing and automatic compliance for all of your users
Centralized management of anti-spam and virus definitions
Predictable Cost and Reduced Capital Expenses
Very low monthly fee
No hidden or variable cost; hardware infrastructure upgrades,
IT staffing, training, systems maintenance
Enterprise-Level Functionality
Access your entire network from any Internet connection
Help desk support
Centralized, shared drive space for your company
Free overnight replacement !
We can host 3rd-party software applications and have already integrated more than 60!
48 hrs delivery

Contact us for a no obligation consultation to determine how our hosted solution can help streamline your data management.

You can increase your clients base in a couple of months of deploying in Hosted Environment.
Make your IT expenses lower without sacrificing stringent demands, such as enterprise security, or infrastructure reliability.
You can achieve the level of security needed to allow employees secure remote access but still capable of blocking all spam e-mails from ever.

Our technology was rencently recognized by Microsoft for it's "supperior approach to continually updating and improving Windows® platform security by providing exceptional security infrastructure and management to costumers". The technology meets or exceeds several industry standard sush as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and Gramm-Leach Bliley acts. We leverage current technologies with best practices to bring enterprise level security to the SMB market.

Utility Computing systems are much less expensive than you think. All costs are calculated on a per user basis with typical cost savings of 25%-50% compared to traditional IT expenses. With Utility Computing, your organization will never purshase core infrastructure hardware or Microsoft front or back office software again.


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