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Dedicated Server Hosting
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<<Free-Server-Hosting is a new concept in dedicated server hosting. Free-server-hosting allows you to own your dedicated server free of charge after 12 months of service. If this sounds interesting, read on…>>

Are you looking for a hosting company with a twist? Do you need to host your new or existing business online? Are you looking at the supposedly inexpensive co-located server, dedicated server or virtual server deals labeled so low you can’t refuse?

Selecting a hosting company for your business is not as trivial as some would have you believe. Today’s provider selection of hosting platforms and operating systems can vary widely. Being forced into a provider’s template is not always the right thing to do. Hosting your successful online venture needs a hand picked server that will suit your needs and can be expanded easily as you grow. à

If you require more than the average single web page it is most likely that you will also need the power to push your ideas and products to their online potential. Can you really be sure your virtually hosted server or 25$ per month server is ready for the onslaught of clientele you are anticipating? Will they support your Linux or Windows applications? Will your IP addresses be banned caused by abuse by others sharing your virtual network? These problems only tend to increase when you’re not in control. This is why thousands of companies choose to host their own dedicated server (at a datacenter or collocation facility) to ensure better results and better control for their business.

Free-Server-Hosting, a division of Mendax Microsystems inc., knew there had to be a better way. Right now high availability dedicated server hosting is hard to come by at a respectable price, especially when you’re testing concepts and/or products aimed for a global market. One disadvantage with conventional dedicated hosting companies is that you are required to pay a monthly fee for the dedicated server beyond the cost of space, power and bandwidth. The only problem is you keep paying for that server without ever owning it… An alternative to traditional hosting would be leasing or purchasing your own equipment but as we all know this requires cash up front or credit verification which is sometimes impossible for new dot com companies. In addition leasing companies will bind you to a contract for 12, 24 or 36 months.

Our new Free-Server-Hosting concept was introduced to battle these issues for our you. Here are some of the Free-Server-Hosting advantages:

1) No cash up front
2) Single low monthly payment just as conventional hosting companies
3) No credit verification required
4) No commitments / cancel anytime
5) The server belongs to you after 12 months

Here is how it works:

1) Select from one of our preconfigured servers or choose any server you wish from the web site.
2) Select the bandwidth package you need and other options
3) That’s it!

As with any other dedicated server hosting company, your first 12 months of server will include the cost of the server and services. However, unlike all other dedicated server hosting company on the 13th month, the server belongs to you. If you choose you stay with Free-Server-Hosting our monthly price will drop. Otherwise you’ll ship the server to you anywhere you wish – after all, it is your server!

All this is done with no credit verification, no contracts, and no commitments. As long as you r account is in good standing (meaning you keep paying each month), the server will be yours within 1 year.

To learn more and get started, visit us here:

Finally a business choice that gets cheaper with time and where you have total control.


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