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Mendax Products
Product name Part# Status
RackServ 7000 S7000-20-C Not Active
RackServ 4268S 4268-35-C Not Active
RackServ 4850 4850-20-C Not Active
RackServ 4000S 4000-20-C Not Active
PWC-11600 PWC-11600 Not Active
PWC-118200 PWC-118200 Not Active
PWC-5000 PWC-5000 Not Active
PF Sence Firewall PFS1035-30-SPW Active
Mendax Day Trader DT-30-C Not Active
RLS-4445 RLS-4445 Not Active
TLS-4212 9001001 Not Active
Media Space 725 M725-30-C Not Active
Media Space 625 625-30-C Not Active
Media Center 4550-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 1040R 1040R-30-C Active
ShortServ SM1004 SM1004-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 1020R 1020R-30-C Active
ShortServ 1020R 9999-30-RS Not Active
ShortServ 1004 (NEW) 1004-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 1002 1002-10-C Not Active
Small Tower 1002 (for Interweb) 1002-10-XXX Not Active
ShortServ SC511 SC511-30-C Not Active
ShortServ SYS-6015V-MRLP SYS-6015V-MRLPB-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 1010 1010-30-C Active
ShortServ 2030 (NEW) 2030-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 2042 2042-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 2040 2040-30-C Active
ShortServ 2044 2044-30-C Active
ShortServ 2020 2020-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 3022 3022-30-C Active
ShortServ 3010 (End of life) 3010-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 3010 3011-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 3020 3020-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 3012 (NEW) 3012-30-C Not Active
ShortServ 3014 3014-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1051 1051-30-C Not Active
Small PC SPC188A Active
Small PC Mobile 4550-40-C Active
PWC-11820 PWC-11820 Not Active
PWC-11870 PWC-11870 Not Active
PWC-11898 PWC-11898 Not Active
PWC-11862 PWC-11862 Not Active
PWC-11876 PWC-11876 Not Active
PWC-11908 PWC-11908 Not Active
PWC-11934 PWC-11934 Not Active
PWC-11900 PWC-11900 Not Active
PWC-11826 PWC-11826 Not Active
PWC-11906 PWC-11906 Not Active
PWC-11878 PWC-11878 Not Active
PWC-11914 PWC-11914 Not Active
PWC-11916 PWC-11916 Not Active
PWC-11932 PWC-11932 Not Active
PWC-11848 PWC-11848 Not Active
PWC-11850 PWC-11850 Not Active
PWC-120 PWC-120 Not Active
PWC-11942 PWC-11942 Not Active
PWC-11918 PWC-11918 Not Active
PWC-11872 PWC-11872 Not Active
RackServ 1480 (end of line) 1480-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1045 1045-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1250 1250-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1452 1452-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1490 1490-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1225 (EOL) 1225-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1350S 1350-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1530HCLR 1530HCLR-36-C Active
RackServ 1228S 1228-45-C Not Active
RackServ 1435 1435-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1250S 1250-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1268 1268-35-C Not Active
HP ProLiant DL160 G6 605663-005 HP Not Active
RackServ 1225S (EOL) 1225-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1300S 1300-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1475 1475-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1475S 1475-20-C Not Active
Supermicro X8DTL-3F Supermicro X8DTL-3F Not Active
RackServ 1400S 1400-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1350I 1350-10-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-5015TB-TB SYS-5015TB-TB-30-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-6015B-3B Supermicro SYS-6015B-3B-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1451S 1451-20-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-6015C-MTB Supermicro SYS-6015C-MTB-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1560 1560-35-C Not Active
RackServ 1228 1228-35-C Not Active
RackServ 1350 SPECIAL 1350SPECIAL-10-C Not Active
RackServ 1268S 1268-45-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-6015W-URV Supermicro SYS-6015W-URV-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1470 (end of line) 1470-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1285 (NEW - building) 1285-40-C Not Active
SR1625UR Virtualization Technology SR1625UR Active
RackServ 1670 1670-30-c Not Active
RackServ 1400 1400-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1560HS 1560-36-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-6015V-TB Supermicro SYS-6015V-TB-30-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-6015TW-INFB Supermicro SYS-6015TW-INFB-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1415 (Building) 1415-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1450S (end of line) 1450-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1560S Virtualization Technology 1560-45-C Active
Entry Blade Server (EOL) Entry Blade Server Not Active
RackServ 1235 1235-35-C Not Active
RackServ 1500 1500-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1660HS 1660-36-C Not Active
RackServ 1260S (EOL) 1260-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1625S 1625S-30-c Not Active
RackServ 1350 1350-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1550 1550-30-C Not Active
RackServ 999 *TEST UNIT* 999-30-20ds Not Active
RackServ 1375 1375-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1300I 1300-10-C Not Active
RackServ 1450 1450-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1435S 1435-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1520 1520-30-c Not Active
RackServ 1490S 1490-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1500S 1500-35-C Not Active
RackServ 1260 (EOL) 1260-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1680 1680-30-c Not Active
PWC-11904 PWC-11904 Not Active
PWC-11892 PWC-11892 Not Active
PWC-11890 PWC-11890 Not Active
PWC-11846 PWC-11846 Not Active
PWC-11852 PWC-11852 Not Active
PWC-84 PWC-84 Not Active
Silencia 6150 S6150-30-1 Active
RackServ B4985 4985-35-C Not Active
RackServ B4985S 4985-45-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-8015C-TB Supermicro SYS-8015C-TB Not Active
SuperServer 6016GT-TF-TM2 W/M 1060 TESLA SuperServer 6016GT-TF-TM2 Not Active
RackServ 5200S 5200-20-C Not Active
RackServ 6852 (SAS) 6852-40-C Not Active
RackServ 6850 6850-20-C3100-30-C Not Active
Windows Storage 825 7183-30-WINDOWS Active
Windows Storage 1625 7165-30-WINDOWS Active
Windows Storage 2425 7242-30-WINDOWS Active
Windows Storage 4825 7802-30-WINDOWS Active
Creo 8000 A8000-30-C Not Active
Creo 9000 A9000-30-C Not Active
Creo 7110 A7110-30-C Not Active
Creo 7340 (NEW EXTREME) A7340-30-C Not Active
MOZART (end of life) mozart Not Active
Creo 7100 (End of life) A7100-30-C Not Active
Creo 8050 A8050-30-C Not Active
Creo 7320 A7320-30-C Not Active
Splash 3000 SPLASH 3000-30-C Active
Rugged Grade Server 2U RUGGED 2U Active
Rugged 3520R 3520R-30-C Active
Splash 7221 SPLASH 7221-30-C Not Active
Rugged Grade Server RUGGED TCPD0201 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1035 (ISA 2006) A1035-30-2 Not Active
Mendax Sentinel 1035 (ISA 2006) A1035-30-4 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1035 (ISA 2006) A1035-30-5 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1035 (ISA 2006) A1035-30-6 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1035 (ISA 2006) A1035-30-1 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1035 (ISA 2006) A1035-30-3 Active
EX-PBX 3050(Rackmount) 9210-30-2 Active
EZ-PBX 1000 9201-30-2 Active
EX-PBX 3050(Rackmount) 9210-30-1 Active
EX-PBX 3050(Rackmount) 9210-30-3 Active
EX-PBX 1000 9201-30-4 Active
EX-PBX 3050 (Rackmount) (Preconfigured) Not Active
EZ-PBX 1000 9201-30-3 Active
EZ-PBX 1000 9201-30-10 Active
EZ-PBX 1000 9201-30-1 Active
EX-PBX 3050(Rackmount) 9210-30-4 Active
FreeNAS 4825 7802-30-FREENAS Not Active
FreeNAS 1625 7165-30-FREENAS Not Active
FreeNAS 835 7193-30-FREENAS Not Active
FreeNAS 2425 7242-30-FREENAS Not Active
FreeNAS 825 7183-30-FREENAS Not Active
FreeNAS 1635 7185-30-FREENAS Not Active
PWC-11880 PWC-11880 Not Active
Supermicro SYS-6034H-X8R Supermicro SYS-6034H-X8R Not Active
RackServ 1460 1460-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1215 1215-30-C Not Active
Business Two BUSTWO-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1160S 1160-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP Not Active
RackServ 1225 (Replaced with TP - Duplicate too) 1225-30-C-D Not Active
RackServ 1746T SPECIAL 1746T-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1530HSS 1530HS-40-C Not Active
RackServ 1325 1325-30-C Not Active
Business Three BUSTHREE-30-C Not Active
RackServ Custom MK MK_Custom Not Active
PWC-11930 PWC-11930 Not Active
RackServ 1425-SP 1425-30-SP Not Active
RackServ 1460S *building* 1460-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1155 1155-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1155S 1155-20-C Not Active
PWC-104 PWC-104 Not Active
RackServ 1035 SH 1035SH-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1125 1125-30-C Not Active
PWC-11938 PWC-11938 Not Active
RackServ 1130S 1130-45-C Not Active
RackServ 1746B SPECIAL 1746B-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1530HS 1530HS-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1215S 1215-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1304 1304-30 Active
RackServ 1100 1100-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1025 1025-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1325S 1325-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-C Not Active
RackServ 1200 1200-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1128 1128-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1425 1425-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1425S 1425-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1100S 1100-20-C Not Active
WEBAIR 1131 1131-35-C Not Active
RackServ 1030 1030-30-C Not Active
Web Server 1035-30-SPW Not Active
R1304RPS 1304-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1150 (END OF LIFE) 1150-30-C Not Active
WEBAIR 1130 1130-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1160 1160-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1130 1130-35-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-5015MT SYS-5015M-MT+B-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1125S 1125-20-C Not Active
RackServ 1530 1530-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2100S (End of life) 2100-20-C Not Active
RackServ 2150 (End of life) 2150-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2500S 2500-40-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-6025B-TR+B Supermicro SYS-6025B-TR+B Not Active
RackServ 2300 2300-20-C Not Active
RackServ 2520 2520S-45-C Not Active
RackServ 2520S 2520S-35-C Not Active
RackServ SR2600UR SR2600UR Active
RackServ 2120 2120-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2400S 2400-20-C Not Active
Supermicro SC523L-520B Supermicro SC523L-520B-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2100I (End of life) 2100-10-C Not Active
RackServ 2500 2500-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2110 2110-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2450 (NEW Quad Opteron) 2450-20-C Not Active
RackServ 2520 SR2520 Active
RackServ 2120S 2120S-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2400 2400-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2100 2100-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2110S 2110-35-C Not Active
RackServ 2152 (New Opteron 2000) 2152-30-C Not Active
RackServ 4050 4050-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2180 (EOL) 2180-30-C Not Active
QuickStor 2435S-DSS 4455-30-20-DSS Active
Open-E iSCSI R3 4825 7802-30-1505 Not Active
Open-E NAS-R3 825 7183-30-1493 Not Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 Q1600-30-C Not Active
Open-E DSS 825 7183-30-1534 Not Active
Open-E iSCSI R3 825 7183-30-1505 Not Active
Open-E DSS 1625 7165-30-1471 Not Active
Open-E NAS-R3 1625 7165-30-1493 Not Active
QuickStor 5035S-DSS 5035-30-20-DSS Active
Open-E iSCSI 1635 R3 3423-30-C Not Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) Q800-30-C Not Active
SAN Storage Server Storage Area Network (SAN) Not Active
Open-E Storage Server 825 OE825-30-C Not Active
Open-E NAS-R3 2425 7242-30-1493 Not Active
Open-E NAS-R3 4825 7802-30-1493 Not Active
Open-E iSCSI R3 1625 7165-30-1505 Not Active
QuickStor 835S-DSS 7194-30-C-DSS Active
NAS Storage Server (Open-E NAS SOHO) Open-E NAS SOHO Not Active
Open-E DSS V6 4825 7802-30-1565 Not Active
Open-E V6 1635 3443-30-C Not Active
QuickStor 1635S-DSS 3353-30-C-DSS Active
QuickStor 435S-DSS 7163-30-C-DSS Active
NAS Storage Server (Open-E NAS 2.0) Open-E NAS 2.0 Not Active
NAS Open-E SOHO Open-E NAS SOHO Not Active
Open-E DSS 4825 7802-30-1471 Not Active
Open-E DSS 2425 7242-30-1471 Not Active
Open-E iSCSI R3 2425 7242-30-1505 Not Active
NAS QuickStor Q2400 Q2400-30-C Not Active
Teramax 1625 7165-30-C Not Active
Teramax 4825 7800-30-C Not Active
WEBAIR 825 7225-30-C Not Active
Teramax 825 2222-30-C Not Active
Teramax 425 1143-30-C Not Active
Storage System SAN NAS SSR212CC Not Active
Teramax 2400S 7240-20-C Not Active
Teramax 1650 (EOL) 7265-30-C Not Active
Teramax 3992 3992-30-C Not Active
TeraMax 2450 (EOL) 7245-30-C Not Active
TeraMax 855S - HOLD 7855-30-C Not Active
TeraMax 850 (EOL) 7850-30-C Not Active
TeraMax 850S (EOL) 7850-20-C Not Active
PWC-11824 PWC-11824 Not Active
TrueServ 5292 T5292-30-C Not Active
PWC-11822 PWC-11822 Not Active
TrueServ 7210 T7210-30-C Not Active
TrueServ 7221 T7221-30-C Not Active
TrueServ 7211 (retired product) T7211-30-C Not Active
PWC-11902 PWC-11902 Not Active
PWC-11874 PWC-11874 Not Active
Silencia 6150 S6150-30-C Not Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 Q1600-30-1 Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 Q1600-30-4 Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 QT1600-30-4 Active
QuickStor 2435S-DSSV6 (Preconfigured) Not Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) Q800-30-1 Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 QT1600-30-1 Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) QT800-30-4 Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 QT1600-30-2 Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) QT800-30-2 Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) Q800-30-3 Active
NAS QuickStor Q2400 Q2400-30-3 Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) QT800-30-3 Active
QuickStor 2435S-DSSV6 (Preconfigured) Not Active
QuickStor 2435S-DSSV6 2435S-DSSV6-01 Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 Q1600-30-2 Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 Q1600-30-3 Active
NAS QuickStor Q1600 QT1600-30-3 Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) QT800-30-1 Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) Q800-30-2 Active
QuickStor 800 (NAS) Q800-30-4 Active
NAS QuickStor Q2400 Q2400-30-2 Active
NAS QuickStor Q2400 Q2400-30-4 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1020R (ISA 2006 ENT FIREWALL CACHE) A1020R-30-4 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1020R (ISA 2006 ENT FIREWALL CACHE) A1020R-30-5 Active
Mendax Sentinel TMG 2010 TMG2010 Active
PF Sence Firewall (Preconfigured) PFS1035-30-SPW-3 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1020R (ISA 2006 STD CACHE) A1020R-30-XX Not Active
Mendax Sentinel 1020R (ISA 2006 STD FIREWALL CACHE) A1020R-30-3 Active
PF Sence Firewall (Preconfigured) PFS1035-30-SPW-2 Active
PF Sence Firewall (Preconfigured) PFS1035-30-SPW-1 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1020R (ISA 2006 STD FIREWALL CACHE) A1020R-30-XXX Not Active
Mendax Sentinel 1020R (ISA 2006 WORKGROUP) A1020R-30-1 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1020R (ISA 2006 STANDARD) A1020R-30-2 Active
MIL2009 iml3510-30-C Not Active
Medallion 3500 3500-30-C Not Active
Medallion 9150 M9150-30-C Not Active
Medallion 3550 3550-30-C Active
Medallion 8475 (NEW) M8475-30-C Not Active
Medallion 3551 3551-30-C Active
MEDALLION 915AG - retired product- MEDALLION 915AG Not Active
Medallion 8650 M8650-30-C Not Active
Medallion 3800 3800-30-C Not Active
Medallion AMD9151 AMD9151-30-C Not Active
Medallion 8450 M8450-10-C Not Active
Medallion 3100 3100-30-C Not Active
Medallion AMD9150 AMD9150-30-C Not Active
Medallion 9175 M9175-30-C Not Active
Medallion 3552 3552-30-C Active
Medallion 9460 (NEW CORE 2 DUO) M9460-30-C Not Active
Ultigamer 3800 G3800-30-C Not Active
RackServ 1025 1025-30-2 Active
RackServ 1025 1025-30-4 Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1425 1425-30-02 Active
Mendax Sentinel 1035 (ISA 2006) A1035-30-99 Not Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-10 Active
Web Server 1035-30-SPW-2 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-9 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-11 Active
TrueServ 7221 T7221-30-1 Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-9 Not Active
RackServ 1425-SP Hotswap 1425-30-SP-3 Active
RackServ 1025 1025-30-5 Not Active
RackServ 1425 1425-30-01 Active
RackServ 1215S 1215-20-2 Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-2 Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-7 Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-9 Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-7 Not Active
RackServ 1425 NOTUSED Not Active
RackServ 1425 1425-40-5 Active
RackServ 1425 R (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-2 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-1 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-5 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-7 Active
RackServ 1215 1215-30-2 Active
Web Server 1035-30-SPW-3 Active
RackServ 1035 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-11 Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-6 Not Active
RackServ 1000 KSH-108 Not Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-3 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-8 Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-4 Not Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-5 Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-6 BAD Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-10 Active
RackServ 1325 1325-30-1 Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1425 R (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) 1425-30-7 Not Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) 1425-40-1 Not Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1035 (NEW) (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-3 Active
RackServ 1025 1025-30-3 Active
Web Server 1035-30-SPW-1 Active
RackServ 1025 1025-30-1 Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1425-30-SP-4 Active
RackServ 1425-SP 1425-30-SP-2 Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) 1425-30-XX Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-1 Active
RackServ 1425-SP 1425-30-SP-1 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-2 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-4 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-6 Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-BAD2 Not Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-A Not Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-3 Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-8 Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-6 Active
RackServ 1000 1000-10-8 Not Active
RackServ 1035-SP 1035-30-SP-5 Active
RackServ 1425 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1035 1035-30-BAD Not Active
PWC-11800 PWC-11800 Not Active
PWC-11810 PWC-11810 Not Active
PWC-11400 PWC-11400 Not Active
PWC-11830 PWC-11830 Not Active
PWC-11844 PWC-11844 Not Active
RackServ 2130 2130-30-C Not Active
PWC-11200 PWC-11200 Not Active
RackServ 2125 (EOL) 2125-30-C Not Active
RackServ 2130S 2130S-30-C Not Active
Blade Module B-8871 Not Active
QuickStor 2400 QT2400-30-1 Active
QuickStor 2400 Q2400-30-1 Active
QuickStor 2400 QT2400-30-4 Active
QuickStor 2400 QT2400-30-2 Active
QuickStor 2400 QT2400-30-3 Active
EZ-PBX 1000 (Tower) 9200-30-C Not Active
EZ-PBX 1000 (Tower) 9201-30-C Not Active
EZ-PBX 3050 (Rackmount) 9210-30-C Not Active
RCP-1010 (Redundant Communication Platform) RCP1010-C Not Active
EZ-PBX 2000 9220-30-C Not Active
Avanas 4825 7802-30-AVANAS Not Active
Avanas 1625 7166-30-AVANAS Not Active
NAS NSS6400VTL NSS6400VTL Not Active
NAS NSS6400IPStor NSS6400IPSTOR Not Active
NAS NSS9600VTL NSS9600VTL Not Active
NAS NSS9600IPStor NSS9600IPSTOR Not Active
NAS iSCSI (FalconStor) TERAMAX-16 SATA Not Active
NAS NSS16000FC NSS16000FC Not Active
TrueServ 7505 T7505-30-C Not Active
TrueServ 7505S T7505-20-C Not Active
TrueServ 5205S T5205-20-C Not Active
TrueServ P4304 P4304-30-C Not Active
TrueServ SC5400 SC5400-30-C Not Active
TrueServ 5300 T5300-30-C Not Active
TrueServ 5290S (NEW) T5290-35-C Not Active
TrueServ 5200S T5200-20-C Not Active
Supermicro CSE-743TQ-650B CSE-743TQ650 Not Active
TrueServ 5290 (NEW) T5290-30-C Not Active
TrueServ 5650S T5650S-30-C Not Active
TrueServ 5210S T5210-20-C Not Active
TrueServ 5275S T5275-20-C Not Active
TrueServ 5275 T5275-30-C Not Active
TrueServ 5300S T5300-20-C Not Active
TrueServ 5650 T5650-30-C Active
RackServ 1490S 1490-20-2 Not Active
RackServ 1490 1490-30-2 Active
RackServ 1490S 1490-20-4 Active
RackServ 1350I 1350-10-1 Active
RackServ 2100I 2100-10-1 Active
RackServ 2300 2300-20-1 Active
KSH-100 KSH-100 Active
RackServ 1228 (Preconfigured) TEST deal1 Not Active
RackServ 1228 1228-35-3 Active
RackServ 1268 1268-35-5 Active
RackServ 1470 1470-30-1 Active
RackServ 1228 1228-35-1 Active
TrueServ 5275S T5275-20-3 Active
RackServ 1268 1268-35-6 Active
TrueServ 5300 T5300-30-1 Active
RackServ 1250S (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 2100I 2100-10-2 Active
KSH-106 KSH-106 Active
RackServ 1350I 1350-10-3 Active
RackServ 1260 TRI-002 Active
RackServ 1260 TRI-004 Not Active
RackServ 1268 1268-35-1 Active
RackServ 1260 1260-30-1 Active
TrueServ 5275S (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1490S 1490-20-5 Active
RackServ 1268 1268-35-3 Active
RackServ 1260 TRI-001 Active
TrueServ 5275S (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1268 1268-35-2 Active
TrueServ 5275 T5275-30-2 Active
RackServ 1260 (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1490 1490-30-1 Active
TrueServ 5275S (Preconfigured) Not Active
RackServ 1268 1268-35-4 Active
RackServ 1268 1268-35-7 Active
RackServ 2100I 2100-10-3 Active
TrueServ 5275 T5275-30-1 Active
TrueServ 5275S T5275-20-2 Active
KSH-104 KSH-104 Active
RackServ 2100 2100-30-1 Not Active
KSH-102 KSH-102 Active
RackServ 1228 1228-35-2 Active
RackServ 1490S 1490-20-3 Not Active
RackServ 1490S 1490-20-1 Not Active
RackServ 1228 1228-35-BAD Not Active
RackServ 2400 2400-30-1 Active
RackServ 1480(DUAL CORE) 1480-30-2 Active
RackServ 1350I 1350-10-2 Active
TeraMax 400 7140-30-2 Active
TeraMax 400 7140-30-1 Active
TeraMax 1600 7160-30-1 Active
Intel Compute Module B-MFSYS25 Not Active
Value Blade Server SBXD132 Value Blade Server SBXD132 Not Active
Blade Center Server Chassis Blade Center Not Active
Value Blade Server Value Blade Server Not Active
Blade Module B410DBT B410DBT 1 Not Active
ShortServ 1020R 1020R-30-1 Active
ShortServ 1020R 9999-30-1 Active
ShortServ 1002 1002-10-1 Active
ShortServ 1010 BAD-1 Not Active
ShortServ 1010 1010-30-2 Active
ShortServ 1010 1010-30-1 Not Active
Mendax Sentinel A1020R (ISA 2006) A1020R-30-C Active
Mendax Sentinel A1035 (ISA 2006) A1035-30-C Active
Long Life Industrial (8 Years) LL3510-30-C Not Active
VTSPC7210-30-C VTSPC7210-30-C Not Active
Avanas 825 7183-30-AVANAS Not Active
Avanas 2425 7242-30-AVANAS Not Active
NAS STORAGE UNIT 435S 7163-30-ST Not Active
Teramax 825S 2222-40-C Not Active
Teramax 800 (Discontinued) 7185-30-C Not Active
WEBAIR 826 7226-35-C Not Active
Teramax 435S 7163-30-C Not Active
Teramax 445 7153-40-C Not Active
Teramax 2425S 4444-30-20 Not Active
Teramax 4000 7400-30-C Not Active
Teramax 835S Virtualization Technology 7194-30-C Active
Teramax 2435S Virtualization Technology 4455-30-20 Active
Teramax 425 7142-30-C Not Active
Teramax 2435 4454-30-C Not Active
Teramax 2400 7241-30-C Not Active
Teramax 400 7141-30-C Not Active
Teramax 800 7186-30-C Not Active
Teramax 825 (End of life) 7181-30-C Not Active
Teramax 825S 7181-20-C Not Active
Teramax 825 7182-30-C Not Active
Teramax 4825 5555-30-C Not Active
Teramax 1625S 3333-35-C Not Active
Teramax 825 (Discontinued) 7180-30-C Not Active
Teramax 435S Virtualization Technology 7153-30-C Active
Teramax 5025S 5044-30-20 Not Active
TeraMax 2400 (discontinued) 7240-30-C Not Active
Teramax 800S 7186-20-C Not Active
Supermicro SYS-6035B-8R+V Supermicro SYS-6035B-8R+V Not Active
Teramax 425S 1143-20-C Not Active
Teramax 5035S Virtualization Technology 5035-30-20 Active
Teramax 1635 3343-30-C Not Active
Teramax 2425 4444-30-C Not Active
Teramax 1635S Virtualization Technology 3353-30-C Active
Teramax 2425 SAS NO NO NO NO 7242-35-C Not Active
Teramax 835 7184-30-C Not Active
Teramax 1600 (End of life) 7160-30-C Not Active
Teramax 400S 7140-20-C Not Active
TeraMax 400 (Discontinued) 7140-30-C Not Active
Teramax 1600S (End of life) 7160-20-C Not Active
Teramax 1625 3333-30-C Not Active
Teramax 4825 7801-30-C Not Active
IPSTOR ® FC (FalconStor) IPSTOR-FC Not Active
Pario 3200 A3200-30-C Not Active
Pario 3000 A3000-30-C Not Active
Pario 3100 A3100-30-C Not Active
Teramax 2425 (Preconfigured) 7242-30-3 Not Active
Teramax 1625 + OPEN-E iSCSI 7166-30-4 Active
Teramax 2425 7242-30-4 Active
Teramax 2425 (Open-E NAS) 7242-30-6 Active
Teramax 825 + Windows Storage Server 7183-30-2 Active
Teramax 1625 7166-30-1 Active
Teramax 4825 7801-30-3 Active
Teramax 4825 + Open-E NAS 7802-30-3 Active
Teramax 4825 (Preconfigured) Not Active
Teramax 825 + OPEN-E iSCSI R3 7183-30-4 Active
TeraMax 2400 7241-30-1 Not Active
Teramax 800 7186-30-1 Active
TeraMax 1600 7160-30-4 Active
Teramax 825 7183-30-1 Active
Teramax 825 + OPEN-E NAS R3 7183-30-3 Active
Teramax 4825 7801-30-2 Active
Teramax 4825 7801-30-4 Active
Teramax 4825 + Windows Storage Svr 7802-30-2 Active
Teramax 4825 + Open-E iSCSI 7802-30-4 Active
TeraMax 1600 7160-30-3 Active
Teramax 1625 + OPEN-E NAS R3 7166-30-3 Active
Teramax 425 + Windows Storage Server 7143-30-2 Active
Teramax 4825 7801-30-1 Active
Teramax 800S 7186-20-1 Active
Teramax 825 (NEW) 7181-30-1 Active
Teramax 425 7143-30-1 Active
Teramax 2425 (Windows Storage Server) 7242-30-5 Active
Teramax 425 + OPEN-E NAN R3 7143-30-3 Active
Teramax 1625 + Windows Storage Server 7166-30-2 Active
Teramax 4825 7802-30-1 Active
Teramax 2425 (Open-E ISCSI) 7242-30-7 Active
Teramax 425 + OPEN-E iSCSI 7143-30-4 Active
TeraMax 850 7850-30-1 Active

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