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Open-E GmbH   Feature Pack-NAS (NFS) Failover-V6 only (1651)
Open-E GmbH Feature Pack-NAS (NFS) Failover-V6 only (1651)
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Systems go down, but business has to keep going. That’s why IT organizations need fault-tolerant solutions that allow business processes to continue even when primary systems fall victim to technical failures, cyber-attack, fire or natural disaster.

Open-E Data Server Storage (DSS) offers the Automatic Failover capability as a feature of its versatile, all-in-one software for centralized IP-storage management, all at no extra cost! Because Open-E DSS provides integrated management for all your data – iSCSI, NAS, and Fiber Channel – you can provide fault tolerance for all your enterprise data through one easy-to-use solution. Open-E DSS Automatic Failover is simple and fast to implement. Fault tolerance is provided via iSCSI volume replication, that can be set up in just a few minutes to mirror target data volumes. Business data is copied in real-time and every change is immediately mirrored on the secondary storage server. In the event of a failure, scheduled maintenance of the primary server, or loss of the primary data source, Open-E DSS automatically switches operations over to the secondary storage server and business processes can continue as usual.

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