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I was looking for a specific MP3 player to give to my wife as a Christmas gift. The model was not sold in Canada and not available through any of the big name electronics retailers. I found Mendax on the web and they were able to get it for me quickly and at at a great price. Then, on the day it was supposed to be delivered Montreal was hit with a huge snow storm that delayed all deliveries and it appeared the player would not arrive in time for Christmas. However, Mendax stuck with me and kept on their logisitics company and I got the player in time. Mendax really provided great personalized service and they even beat "big box" stores on price.

, Montreal

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Annual STANDARD Support (1659)
Price: $4,154.93 USD
Mfg Part#: 1659
Availability: In Stock (1)
Usually ships same day
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Open-E GmbH Annual STANDARD Support (1659)

Current system configuration TOP Go to the Top of the page

  • Open-E DSS includes NAS and iSCSI functionality such as: - Support for a wide variety of hardware RAID platforms - iSCSI Initiator / iSCSI Target - New Update System - Volume Replication - Multiple Network Interface Card (NIC) support - Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB) - Adapter Fault Tolerance (AFT) - Task Mechanism with Scheduling - Backup Utility - Network UPS Support - Fibre Channel Support - Multi-CPU Support - IP-SEC

  • Features TOP Go to the Top of the page
    Open-E DSS V6 includes NAS and iSCSI functionality and advanced features such as:

    Installable on any media: internal HDD, RAID Array, USB, SATA and IDE DOM, or any other bootable media
    Enhanced Graphical User Interface
    NDMP v. 4
    Symantec Backup Exec backup agent (RALUS) to support versions 11, 12 and 12.5
    Basic API Configuration
    Improved random performance of iSCSI
    Windows Server 2008 Clustering Support (persistent reservation SCSI-3)
    Hardware RAID Support
    Automatic Failover for iSCSI Volumes
    Volume and Data Replication
    Asynchronous Volume Replication Over WAN
    Volume Snapshot
    iSCSI Initiator / iSCSI Target
    Backup Functionality
    WORM (Write Once Read Many) Support
    Shadow Copy of OS for System Update
    Multiple Network Interface Card (NIC) Support
    Network Bonding/Teaming
    Task Mechanism with Scheduling
    Network UPS Support
    Fibre Channel Support
    Multi-CPU Support
    IP-SEC Improves performance and headroom, and provides scalability and system redundancy with multiple virtual applications.

    Chassis Dimensions TOP Go to the Top of the page

    The chassis dimensions for this server are:

    1.000 " (Width) X 1.000 " (Height) X 1.000 " (Length/Depth)

    Note: Mendax Micro also carries a variety of Short Depth rackmount servers, which can be found here.

    Preconfigured Servers TOP Go to the Top of the page

    Mfg Part# Name FF CPU RAM HDD NIC Price in USD
      No preconfigured systems available, click here to customize yours now.

    Drivers & BIOS TOP Go to the Top of the page

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