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Notre association avait besoin d'une ressource pour harmoniser les différents systèmes utilisés. Votre personnel a su nous guider dans les différentes options se présentant à nous dans l'immédiat ainsi que pour le futur. Le matériel dont nous avons fait l'acquisition, répond exactement`au besoin défénie. Merci

-Gilles Choquette Directeur général
APCPNHQ, Montréal

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Feature Pack-NAS (NFS) Failover-V6 only (1651)
Price: $19,446.01 USD
Mfg Part#: 1651
Availability: In Stock (1)
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Open-E GmbH Feature Pack-NAS (NFS) Failover-V6 only (1651)

Description TOP Go to the Top of the page
Systems go down, but business has to keep going. That’s why IT organizations need fault-tolerant solutions that allow business processes to continue even when primary systems fall victim to technical failures, cyber-attack, fire or natural disaster.

Integrated management TOP Go to the Top of the page
Open-E Data Server Storage (DSS) offers the Automatic Failover capability as a feature of its versatile, all-in-one software for centralized IP-storage management, all at no extra cost! Because Open-E DSS provides integrated management for all your data – iSCSI, NAS, and Fiber Channel – you can provide fault tolerance for all your enterprise data through one easy-to-use solution.

Fault Tolerance, Fast and Simple TOP Go to the Top of the page
Open-E DSS Automatic Failover is simple and fast to implement. Fault tolerance is provided via iSCSI volume replication, that can be set up in just a few minutes to mirror target data volumes. Business data is copied in real-time and every change is immediately mirrored on the secondary storage server. In the event of a failure, scheduled maintenance of the primary server, or loss of the primary data source, Open-E DSS automatically switches operations over to the secondary storage server and business processes can continue as usual.

Features TOP Go to the Top of the page
Advanced features included at no extra cost
Cost-effective solution reduces data loss and provides better business continuity
Off-site/remote replication for disaster recovery
High-performance Volume Replication over any distance
Integrated replication for iSCSI, NAS and Fibre Channel storage
Fast setup and easy-to-use console tools with secure administrator access and multiple management levels
Snapshot backup capability for Volume and Data Replication
Open-E DSS works with VMware, Virtual Iron and XEN, providing additional flexibility in a virtualized datacenter environment
Replicate up to 256 4 TB volumes in 32-bit mode
Scalable beyond 16 TB per Logical Volume in 64-bit mode
Network adapter fault tolerant • Adaptive load balancing with 10 GB Ethernet support
Hardware and software ISCSI initiator and RAID support
Online logical volume expansion
E-mail administrator notification
Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) support
User and group quota support
Antivirus server scanning
Backup to tape and removable disk

Chassis Dimensions TOP Go to the Top of the page

The chassis dimensions for this server are:

1.000 " (Width) X 1.000 " (Height) X 1.000 " (Length/Depth)

Note: Mendax Micro also carries a variety of Short Depth rackmount servers, which can be found here.

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Mfg Part# Name FF CPU RAM HDD NIC Price in USD
  No preconfigured systems available, click here to customize yours now.

Drivers & BIOS TOP Go to the Top of the page

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