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Price Drop on Mendax Servers

September 19th 2006
As we start looking at phasing our are old RackServ 1000, we have lowered the price by about 10% to move out all exising stock. Our new low-end RackServ server will be introduced in a few weeks, supporting much higher processing power and greater overall performance.

May 14th 2006
Happy mother’s day – In the last couple of weeks we have seen a significant price drops in hard drives again. As the 500GB becomes more popular each day, the 250GB drives are now dirt cheap. The 300 and 400GB drives have gone down in price and we’ve also seen drops with the 500GB drives. Seagate prices have been updated automatically; however the costs of the Hitachi drives for our NAS products will be updated this coming week.

April 24th 2006
Lower chassis costs. As you know Mendax Micro is constantly negotiating better pricing for our entire top brand products in order to lower prices and maintain the highest quality. In the last quarters, we managed to negotiate better pricing with our chassis vendors and were successful in lowering overall server costs by about 4%. Although this may not sound like much, on an average server of $2000.00, that’s eighty bucks back in your pocket.

March 4th 2006
Interesting price moves on all Intel 800FSB processors as Intel introduces their new 2MB cache CPUs. These price moves affect all Intel based Mendax servers immediately. New Prices are already in affect for both single and dual core processors and all Xeon based servers.

January 6th 2006
New price in affect for the new year. There has been a considerable pricedrop on 16 and 24 bay NAS servers (Teramax) and on all Serial ATA hard drives. New prices are already in affect.

September 14th 2005
Since the beginning of this year our volume has been steadily increasing; thus giving us the power to negotiate a better price for some of our products. What does this mean to you? Better prices, same quality! These price drops will go in affect as early as next week.

June 7th 2005
Just a quick to let everyone know that there has been a pricedrop on all Seagate hard drives from 80GB all the way to 400GB. This pricedrop affects all servers using a SATA (Serial ATA) interface. Pricedrop is already in affect and is reflected on our web site.

May 1st 2005
There has been many price drops in the last 2 weeks specifically on hard drives, memory and server boards. This results in considerable price reduction on many of our servers. Specifically these ones:

RackServ 2100I End of line (Over 200$ off)

RackServ 1350I End of line (Over 200$ off)

RackServ 1000 below $700USD

This price drop affects many of our other servers as well. Please take the time to browse through the site. Email any questions!

March 31st 2005
Today, we announce a whopping 10% price drop on all our RackServ 2100 series (including Opteron and single P4) servers. Mendax Micro was able to negotiate a price decrease on RackServ 2100 chassis enclosures which allowed us to reduce our cost significantly thus passing on these savings to you.

The RackServ 2100 series servers can be found on this page:

March 8th 2005
The Hitachi Desktar 400GB dropped in price today by almost 16%. This will make a noticeable difference in most of our storage servers.

February 17th 2005
Price drop on our entry-level server.  The Mendax Eclipse has gone through a price update.  The base price now starts at $732.00USD from $786.00USD.  That's enough to make our most popular server even more popular. 
Configure yours today!

October 26, 2004
Today we launched our newest version of the web site – version 3.0.  This new version allows to automatically shop and search for the lowest prices on all popular brand and lock in these prices for our customers; a function which was not available to us on our old web site.  You will see great discounts across the board especially with lower end servers where price drops reach a whopping 10%. 

September 16, 2004
Intel announced a price on their 3.06Ghz / 533Mhz FSB processors as their currently reaching their end of life.  The price drop on this processor will be close to $45 discount The servers affected by this price drop and the following:

Mendax Eclipse

Mendax Eclipse RAID

Price drop is already in affect, prices of these servers have been adjusted.


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