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Business Continuity
When downtime is just not an option

FalconStor Solution

FalconStor's IPStor ® provides end-to-end protection for data, enabling storage networks to be made as bulletproof as possible for 24x7xForever business continuity — and does so very cost-effectively.

IPStor ® facilitates business continuity:

  • Ultra-high availability end-to-end – automatic failover capability at storage, data path, and IPStor ® appliance
  • Supports end-to-end redundancy for no single point of failure
  • Fault tolerance for hardware and components
  • Protection from OS, enterprise application software, and appliance failure
  • Added protection, where mirroring and replication leave off
  • Capacity expansion or modification without downtime
  • Updates and routine maintenance without downtime

Lower TCO

  • IPStor ® minimizes downtime, planned and unplanned while actually lowering the overall cost of owning storage
  • Provides a cost-effective high availability solution that leverages current infrastructure and does not require expensive, proprietary boxes

FalconStor Delivers

  • For superior fault tolerance, the IPStor ® solution can perform synchronous mirroring of drives within and across cabinets and can easily be set up in an active-active failover configuration for high availability.
  • It also supports end-to-end redundancy for no single point of failure (NSPOF) between workstations, application servers, and storage, protecting against application server failures, network and storage device connectivity failures, storage appliance failures, path failures, and disk failures.
  • IPStor ® also protects where mirroring and replication don't—its TimeMark/TimeView ® feature safeguards against “soft-errors” such as accidental deletions, file corruptions, and virus attacks.
  • Moreover, in an FalconStor environment, downtime is eliminated as new storage is added with a few keyboard strokes and mouse clicks. Servers no longer have to be shut down, and additional disk space is available in minutes rather than hours or days. The ability to have storage always available at almost a moment's notice is a tremendous advantage to enterprises in today's fast paced world.
  • And FalconStor redefines planned downtime, allowing businesses to actually keep their sites available to end users while performing site updates and maintenance.


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Mendax Microsystems Inc. licenses the IPStor ® product. IPStor ® is a registered trademark of FalconStor Software Inc.

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