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Accounting Package

Accounting Package

Acomba is a powerful and complete accounting system for small, medium and large businesses.

With its modular software architecture, Acomba allows you purchase only the software modules that are suitable for your business. With over 75,000 Canadian businesses depending on the Acomba accounting system, you can be sure that this accounting package will be the last one you purchase.
  • Multiuser, real-time processing
  • Quick and easy transaction viewing
  • Unlimited number of accounts and transactions
  • Powerful Autoreconciliation function
  • Entry Wizard guards against unbalanced entries
  • Management of taxes for multiple provinces
The Acomba accounting system can be personalized with specific optional modules to help you manage effectively your business needs.
System Manager
Stay on top of your game with an effective management system that integrates the newest technologies. Not only does the System Manager control data shared by all Acomba applications, it also provides an extraordinary set of powerful utilities.
$99.94 CAD
General Ledger
A complete system for processing transactions and entries as well as producing clear and precise reports.
$495.00 CAD
Accounts Payable
Invoices, credits, interest charges and fees, Accounts Payable offers all the tools necessary to efficiently manage your payments.
$495.00 CAD
Report Generator
The Acomba Report Generator is a powerful tool for producing an infinite variety of reports. Simply enter the appropriate formulas in the spreadsheet to develop customized financial analysis reports.
$495.00 CAD
Cost Analysis
Define your projects then enter the transactions. Manage your labour costs by itemizing your employees' paycheques. Thanks to the analysis reports, you can clearly see the costs associated with each of your projects.

Identify your branch offices, departments, products or other elements of your business by using extensions that allow the production of analysis reports of unparalleled versatility!

Create and divide your extensions according to your needs (ex.: XXX-XX-XXXX). Therefore, when you enter transactions, you only have to select the General Ledger account to be affected then choose the extension to be associated with each transaction. You can thus trim down your chart of accounts and produce analysis reports in response to an infinite array of requirements.
$495.00 CAD
Customization and Security
Determine the functions and data to which each user has access. Customize windows, personalize menus, add and remove icons according to his or her needs.
$495.00 CAD
Point of Sale
Acomba Point of Sales helps retailers make efficient cash register transactions, produce invoices, analyze sales and easily manage their products.

Acomba Point of Sale manages peripherals such as optical scanners, displays, cash drawers, slip printers, printers and touch screen. The Point of Sale application integrates automatically with the other Acomba applications.
$594.00 CAD
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Acomba CRM is the solution to your customer relationship management needs. You can optimize communications tasks by automating various components of the customer relationship and by better targeting your sales activities and improving customer service.
$594.00 CAD
Acomba Payroll reduces payroll-related expenses by eliminating hidden costs and the need for an outside service.
$495.00 CAD

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