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Auto-renewal computer
24 months auto-renew service

Auto-renew solution - Have a new Computer every 12 mouths

Mendax offers you a new computer every 24 months at a very low monthly fee. You want to have the latest technology, the best machine performance, flexibility and up to date. The Mendax auto-renew computer program is the best choice for high business productivity.

Why should I use that option ?

Get an installation of
Ubuntu is the next generation Operating System that bring a new alternative to Microsoft Windows.

It contains all the office software that you need from word processing, email manager to tables calculating and presentation. Ubuntu is fast and easy graphical navigation.

Get an installation of
Windows Vista

Windows Vista is designed to dramatically improve the computing experience of every kind of PC user-from people at home who use their PCs for simple web browsing, to business people who must organize and act on large volumes of data.

Tired of always having an old desktop/laptop that don't give you enough performance because of its age ! More and more enterprises, schools, multimedia, audio/video studios, engineering, architecture offices, and many others need to have the latest technology available today.

Mendax Microsystems allows you to get a new computer/laptop every 24 mouths by paying a low monthly fee. If your desktop/laptop breaks, we will replace it in the next 24 hours without any additional fee.  

When using the same machine 2 or even 3 years, it makes the processors and the internal components become instable. The probability to loose important datas and files increases with the years. So, to replace your computer regularly is a good way to avoid data lost.

Then also, the new multimedia and business softwares need always more and more memory and processor speed to have good rendering performance. After a few years, the best Desktop or Laptop becomes a mid-range product because the new ones are better.

With Mendax, we offer only top-quality equipment from the major manufacturers. Our warehouses contain thousands  computers and equipment, enough to handle orders from one computer/laptop to thousands of units.

With Mendax, the price of a new desktop/laptop computer starts at 39 $ / month. At that price, our solution plan is much more economic than buying an all new computer buy your self. So the benefits are very interesting for you and your business.

You can request a price quotation for a desktop computer or a laptop online, from this website, or call our trained sales representatives for personal, friendly service at 1-800-963-6329.

For the lowest rates, fastest delivery, and most responsive service, Mandax is your best choice for computer auto-renewal program.

Is Equipment Auto-renew is The Right Choice For Your Business?

To decide if equipment auto-renew is the right option for you, consider the major advantages listed below. Auto-renew may be a smart business decision if you:

  • Want to keep your cash on hand. Buying a new expensive equipment can become a sizable outlay of cash that may be better invested in development, research, personnel, advertising or other expenses. An auto-renew plan lets you conserve capital for where you need it most.
  • Would like to keep off  down payments and other additional costs. Traditional company loans usually require a large down payment – often as much as 20%. In addition, they do not include such things as freight, installation or employee training. A good auto-renew program will allow you to include these necessary “soft costs” in the total package.
  • Need to protect your company against obsolescence. In today’s world of fast advancing technology, the equipment you buy today can be outdated in a matter of months. When you renew your equipment, you won’t get stuck with something that has little value to you or anyone else.
  • Want to constitute and use additional lines of credit. When you purchase any expensive equipment with borrowed money, your credit limits will be reduced. But with our renewal plan, where you pay a fixed amount every month, your current cash and credit picture with the bank will still be available for other uses.
  • Prefer payments that fit your business and budget. You’ll be able to structure your payments to meet your business needs. You can budget in a standard monthly payment or take advantage of such options as changing seasonal payments.
  • Want the equipment to pay for itself. You wouldn’t be expanding your business or upgrading your capabilities unless it would increase your productivity or provide you with new opportunities and therefore generate more income. With a auto-renew plan, your new equipment can help you produce the extra funds that will usually cover the monthly cost almost right from the start.
- Intel Core 2 Duo Truebook 15.4" WXGA
- Intel T2130 Dual Core 1.86GHz 1MB 533FSB
- 1GB DDR2 667
- 120GB 5400 RPM SATA
- Operating system
- Intel 802.11abg WM3945
- Finger print reader security
As low as 39 $ / Month

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- Desktop computer
- Black Chassis Front USB
- Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20G 2M 800FSB
- 2 x 512MB PC2-5300 DDR2 667Mhz Memory
- Operating system
- Seagate 160GB SATA2 7200Rpm HDD
As low as 39 $ / Month

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