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Teramax barebones
Storage servers

The Teramax barebones storage solution offers a total capacity from 4 to 48 Terabytes. The Teramax barebones sotrage comes equipped with redundant power supplies, fans and hard drives. It's available in 2U to 5U profile, the Teramax features the new top loading drive functionality. This server also comes standard with the “easy slide” railing system which makes replacing and upgrading hard drives simple and without the need to turn off the server.
 The Mendax storage advantages
Optimized for storage
The Teramax barebones storage solutions can hold from 160 Gigabytes  to 48 Terabytes depending on witch unit you chose. It offers scalability and reliability in one rack mountable package. As a stand alone server, the Teramax houses everything needed to run on its own without any other attachments.

Network integration
It comes fully equipped with a external SCSI connector for tape drives or other storage boxes. The Teramax barebones also has internal space to house an additional drive for your operating system. Rest assured your data is protected with the dual internal 3Ware SATA2 multi-lane RAID controllers which allows for multiple configurations of RAID 0,1,10,5. This server also includes a raid expansion utility which allows the user to expand/manage a raid array even after the volume has been created. Fully redundant, the Teramax barebones have a 2+1 power supply system.

Space efficient
With its built in railing system, mounting the Teramax is very easy and fits into any standard 19" rack. The Teramax can be shipped with any of the supported OS installed or as a simple bare storage box. As you have come to expect, this product delivers the stability and reliability associated with all Mendax rack mount and pedestal servers.
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