Dear Friends,

A product’s technical details are important, but you’ll soon find that with Mendax every detail is considered. With every one of our customers, Mendax’s services and relations move beyond just production and sales.

Mendax started as a small, exciting community back in the eighties. In 1989 Mendax was simply a local BBS, drawing people from wide spectrum and hosting their ideas, opinions and correspondences. Since then we've grown quickly into an international business, working closely with industry leaders like Intel. We're dedicated to keeping the entrepreneurial spirit that forged our vision and because of such we're well on our way to becoming a leading server manufacturer.

The same principles of continuous improvement that pertain to our production processes’ also apply to our reputation and business conduct. Our job is not only to ensure that we continue to live up to the standards we have set, but also to advance our awareness of our customers needs to even higher levels.

Our website will provide you with clear service and products you need. However, if you really want to get to know us, then contact us. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


Tony Kara
President and CEO
Mendax Microsystems, Inc

United States

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