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DOUBLE-TAKE   Double-Take for Windows Standard Server (SFDTWSS1YR
DOUBLE-TAKE Double-Take for Windows Standard Server (SFDTWSS1YR
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Double-Take protects data and applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle enabling our customers to replicate and protect mission-critical data that resides throughout their enterprise. It combines continuous real-time backup and automatic failover capabilities for disaster recovery, high availability, and centralized backup.

Double-Take is Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 certified at all levels, one of the few replication products to have achieved this level of certification. It delivers better protection than many hardware-based solutions, and it costs tens of thousands less.

Double-Take Benefits:

  • Real-Time Data Protection
    Replicates continuously at the byte level over any shared or private IP-based LAN, WAN or SAN, ensuring that changed data is protected and can be quickly restored at all times
  • Application Agnostic
    Works with your existing hardware to protect applications such as Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and SharePoint
  • Continuous Data Protection
    Guarantees business continuity and high availability by restoring access to data in minutes with failover capabilities to maintain a seamless working environment
  • Easily Installed and Maintained
    Allows companies of any size looking for data protection solutions to install and maintain Double-Take
  • Cost Effective
    Provides the best possible protection at the lowest cost with an accelerated return on investment - paying for itself within months

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