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  Customer Testimonials
Small Business & Home Office
The Integrated Solution Group, Inc.
Visioneb Solutions Technologiques
Don F.
J.R.s Big Show
Robert Leighfield
Massar Software
Kernel Drivers
Dimensional Services LLC
Endicia Internet Postage
TIMED Corporativo
Mopeds Plus
Vincent Vecchio
Gladu Tools
Tech Valley IT
Halcyon Analytics Ltd.
Tri-Logic Accounting Services
Medium & Large Corporation
Holt Systems Inc
Cognat Inc.
Phoenix Information Technologies
Pc Parts Inc
One Stop Technologies, Inc
Total Cold Storage
Education & Government
University of Arizona
Data Centers & Colocation
Cognat Inc.
U.S. NetworX
VERITAS Software
Aerospace / Military
Thales Inc.
Audio, Video & Render Farms
Les Productions de l'Archange inc
Home Entertainment & Digital Home
Stephan Bouchard
Telephony / VOIP / IP PBX
J Communication Inc.
Tri County Telephone

Small Business & Home Office

Looking for Real Service?

If you are like me you are probably tired of the marginal service provided to small businesses from the 'big boy' server providers. Last year I finally ran out of patience and started looking for an alternative. Fortunately, I found Mendax. Since then I have purchased several servers from them and I couldn't be more pleased. Not only do they deliver a quality product at a reasonable price, they actually support what they sell. I have found thier sales and technical support to be outstanding. They are there when I need them and always take the time to completely resolve the issue. If you want real service you should try Mendax.

Charles Clark III
The Integrated Solution Group, Inc., Woburn, MA

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Custom Software Development
Products Used: Mendax Servers

Great service, great servers

I've been using Mendax servers for over 6 years now and I've never had any problems. Those are quality servers and are worth every penny !

Steve, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Web Hosting Services
Products Used: RackServ 1228

Merci pour l'excellent service

Notre association avait besoin d'une ressource pour harmoniser les différents systèmes utilisés. Votre personnel a su nous guider dans les différentes options se présentant à nous dans l'immédiat ainsi que pour le futur. Le matériel dont nous avons fait l'acquisition, répond exactement`au besoin défénie. Merci

Gilles Choquette Directeur général
APCPNHQ, Montréal

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

Thank you

I always had very good service from mendax, thanks to Joe and Tony !

Eric Bouchard
Visioneb Solutions Technologiques, Montréal

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Products Used: shortserv

Great product, fast delivery

Delighted with my recent purchase. Price, service, quality, and speedy delivery make all the difference! Many thanks!

Don F.
, Eastern Massachusetts

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

the service is unheard of nowdays!

thank you guys!i will definitly buy all my computers from you! your service is well worth the price! jeff

Jeff Anderson
J.R.s Big Show, Sun Prairie,Wi

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Karaoke server
Products Used: custom rackmount show computer

Thank You

I was kind of in a Jam I had purchased a telephoyo lens for my Fathers Sony Digital Camera only to find that the Lens Adapter I needed was no longer marketed by Sony. Mendax saved my bacon because they carried the product and made for easy problem free purchase of it. Thanks once again

Robert Leighfield
, Tillsonburg ON

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

Very Helpfull Service

Thanks to Mendax for it's very Quick , Honest and Accurate Server of rent to own that enabled me to owen my server with the cost of the ordinary Didicated hosting monthly price. thank you again Eng.Ahmed A. Korany Project Manager Massar Software

Massar Software, Alexandria

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Rent to Own

Thank You

The service was great! Delivered to my door with in a few business days.

Lance Buckley
Personal, Saint John N.B

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

Thank you

Thank you for the quick reponse to all my questions regarding the servers I purchased. The delivery was prompt and professional.

Peter Scott
Kernel Drivers, Boulder

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

Great Customer Service

I was looking for a specific MP3 player to give to my wife as a Christmas gift. The model was not sold in Canada and not available through any of the big name electronics retailers. I found Mendax on the web and they were able to get it for me quickly and at at a great price. Then, on the day it was supposed to be delivered Montreal was hit with a huge snow storm that delayed all deliveries and it appeared the player would not arrive in time for Christmas. However, Mendax stuck with me and kept on their logisitics company and I got the player in time. Mendax really provided great personalized service and they even beat "big box" stores on price.

, Montreal

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Products Used: MP3 Player

Excellent Value

Tony, Joe, and everyone at Mendax. We are extremely happy with the service and support you have given to us. You have been a terrific alternative to the big vendors and we love the improvements you've made to the website. Keep up the good work.

, Rockville

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Web Hosting
Products Used: Medax 1215 Servers

Impressive Quality

Thank you very much for your help. That's the second time I purchase the server from Mendax, and I'm very impressed with the quality of the Mendax servers and with the way you handle the problems.

, Smoky Lake, AB

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Products Used: RackServ 1000

Quality Components

When I received the RackServ 2150, I took a look inside to see how it was put together. WOW! I was very impressed with the quality of the components.

Frank Jungman
Dimensional Services LLC, San Diego, CA

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

Mission-Critical Servers

We have been using Mendax servers on mission-critical postage dispensing operations. They are beautifully assembled, quickly delivered and fairly priced.

Harry Whitehouse
Endicia Internet Postage, Palo Alto, CA

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

Amazing Product!!!!

Thank you!!!! MENDAX is a super product and thanks to your excellent customer support, you will have us as a customer for life. We have never encountered a better combination of features, ease of use, performance, value for money and product support in all of our business dealings.

Octavio Velarde
TIMED Corporativo, San Ysidro

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Health Services
Products Used: RackServ 2100I

Integrity and honesty

In my recent transaction with Mendax they made an error in pricing of at least 10% in my favor. Rather than offering lame excuses, their customer service filled the order without hesitation fully aware this would reduce their profit.

Chris Angel
Mopeds Plus, Hamilton, ON

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Mass Storage
Products Used: MAXTOR 250GB SATA 8MB 7200RPM OEM

Gifted People

For Vision /R4 Corporation, Mendax may best be described as; - Gifted People with the vision to develop Exceptional strategies resulting in Inspired Solutions - Gifted People who set fort new standards of Excellence in the Industry entailing high caliber performance of services and products. Mendax, Creativity IT Specialists with Innovative Ideas. Vincent Vecchio

Vincent Vecchio
, Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

Very fast server installation

We had a last minute project for a client. We needed a server very fast. You've delivered and installed the server directly into our facilities the same day we sent the P.O.! it's a pleasure doing business with guys like you!

Louis-Philippe Landry, Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: rackmount server

Thank you!

Thank you for your very good work to helping me with my Fedora core 3 Raid Driver.

Alex Charbonneau
ICOD, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Products Used: Fedora Core 3 with intel server

Great Service!

Tony & Chris are great! Anytime we've had a problems with our network, or individual systems, they've always helped us get out of a jam!

Elizabeth, DDO, Quebec

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

10 years and counting...

We started doing business with Mendax 10 years ago when it was Rescue Systems. Quality of service has always been our main concern and Mendax always fulfilled our expectations. They also understand that every business is different and advise us according to our needs.

Daniel Cloutier
Gladu Tools, Marieville, Quebec

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Workstation and software


I have not had a chance to use your excellent service since the servers I bought are running great! Thanks for always reaching out to meet with us when you are in the area.

Juan Trevino
Tech Valley IT, Clifton Park

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Microsoft Server Solutions
Products Used: Windows XP/2000/2003, CA, Symantec, Veritas, NetIQ

Rack Server

We are a small financial market trading company that uses rack servers to run our mission critical data analysis and trade execution functions in the financial markets. It is nice to have a reliable and service friendly alternative to the large hardware suppliers. We need to keep our costs down, but can't afford to use the products of fly by night suppliers. Mendax provides a nice alternative and personalized service for our needs. They've answered our questions in a timely manner and shipped a first-rate product.

Nelson Nomura
Halcyon Analytics Ltd., Honolulu, HI

Industry: Small Business & Home Office

End to End Solution

We have been buying Mendax hardware for many years. The quality keeps on improving and so does the service. Keep it up, and THANKS.

Nicolas Kanellopoulos
Tri-Logic Accounting Services , Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Small Business & Home Office
Solution: Hardware and trouble shooting

Medium & Large Corporation

Our new supplier

We really appreciated the quick response to questions. Great prices, great delivery, great service. Thank you!

Laura Holt
Holt Systems Inc, Delray Beach, FL

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation


Upon receipt of my beautiful new chasis ( I was really looking forward to getting this thing) I discovered that the wrong cables were shipped from the manufacturer for the backplane - card interfaces. I contacted Mendax and within a few days I was notified that the correct cables were on the way. It was a pleasure dealing with the people at Mendax and I will most certainly do it again!! Cheers Scott

CADTH, Sandeman

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation
Products Used: TST 12bay Chasis

Great Servers, Great Service

To date my company has purchased over $250,000.00 worth of Servers and custom equipment from Mendax. The equipment was built right using quality parts, any time there was a problem setting one up (which was rare) Mendax was available to help. I would strongly recommend Mendax if your in the market for Servers or custom equipment.

Steven Davis
EFTN, Hawthorne

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation
Solution: Servers and custom equipment
Products Used: Servers and custom equipment

Great Service

I used your Website to select the proper equipment and spoke to a representative to insure my selection as appropriate and ask for an expedient service and sure enough it was on time bailing me out of an embarassing situation with the customer. They went out of their way to help me meet my deadlines. Thank you for your help. P.S. We see lots of Mendax servers where are servers are co-located and now I know why.

Daniel Bean
Cognat Inc., Montreal

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation
Solution: firewall
Products Used: Microsoft ISA 2006

Great Shipping!!!

You guys have Different great products my projector's remote control was lost or stolen and looked it all over the internet without anys store having it in stock except for mendax Microsystems! Plus i got my product in 4 days quick shipping. i Will definetly shop with you guys again. Thanks and keep up the good work

Carlos Chavez
Leviton, El Paso, Texas

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation

Thank You

Mendax has always been very responsive to our company when we call. They take our order, build our products and ship as promised. We have been very satisfied with Mendax service and would recommend them to other companies.

Carol Renaud
TriVenture, Seattle

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation

Great Quality!

I ordered my first mendax 1u server for a client about 2 years ago. Since then I've ordered about 10 more for that client, and an additional 3 for another client. These computers are great quality, compact, and a perfect solution for many of my clients. Most of my clients are radio stations, and most of their audio equipment is rackmounted. It is nice to get a compact, great looking solution in their server rooms. The pricing is excellent, too!

Nathan Phillips
Phoenix Information Technologies, Phoenix

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation
Solution: great application servers
Products Used: 1U workstations/servers

Can't ask for more

I've been in the parts business for just about 13 years now and thus far I've placed just 3 orders from Mendax, for the same part each time. But in each case I was able to get a little help on the price and the product shipped the same day and I have heard no complaints from my customer this industry you can't really ask for more than that...a hassle free sale with a fair price. Thanks guys - Curt at Pc Parts Inc Harrisburg, PA

Curt Laudenberger
Pc Parts Inc, Harrisburg

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation
Solution: Parts
Products Used: Lexmark, IBM, Dell

Outstanding Service and Quality

In the past, I have dealt with other providers of Servers, who have either over charged or have not delivered what they had promised. With Mendax I have recoeved Servers as promised and on time. I had an issue with one Server board and Mendax customer service came to my rescue by sending out a server board immediately and saved my downtime. My clients were delighted to have their backup units back on-line which earned long term clients. Thanks Mendax!!

Paul Hernandez
One Stop Technologies, Inc, East Stroudsburg, PA

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation

Service & Quality!

Thank you for the excellent service and your devotion to make our business better.

Patrick Filice
Total Cold Storage, Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation

Five Stars

Thank you for years of great service and reliable machines.

Harris Newman, Montreal, Canada

Industry: Medium & Large Corporation
Products Used: servers, workstations

Education & Government

Knowlegeable Staff

I was very impressed with the accessibility of Mendax associates. I could always get in touch with the same person every time I called. Also, every person I spoke with was knowledgeable about "the technical stuff" - a characteristic that is a rarity among customer service professionals.

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Industry: Education & Government
Solution: Small Business File Server
Products Used: TrueServ 5290


Jimmy, Thanks for all of your help. This is not my last purchase from Mendax! Our NAS is built and we are loading data on now.

USDA, Salt Lake City, Utah

Industry: Education & Government
Solution: NAS Appliance
Products Used: NAS Solution

Data Centers & Colocation

Always a pleasure!

The best source for ISA firewalls. Quick turn around. Courteous and helpful sales support. Five stars!

Daniel Bean
Cognat Inc., Montreal

Industry: Data Centers & Colocation
Solution: Sentinel ISA 2006 Firewall
Products Used: MS ISA 2006 Firewall running on 1035 server

Outstanding Service

Mendax has always stood out from our other vendors by going above and beyond to make sure we are happy with our purchases both from a customer service and technical support viewpoint. Keep up the good work

Terry Rossi
PICS, Mt. Holly NJ

Industry: Data Centers & Colocation
Solution: Streaming Media Server

Thank-you for your personal service

It's a good thing when you call a vendor and first, you actually talk to a human, and second, that human happens to be the CEO of the company!

Nathan Gleason
U.S. NetworX, Jackson, MS

Industry: Data Centers & Colocation
Solution: Web & Database Servers
Products Used: TeraMax RackServ

Making it right....

I have been in the industry for almost two decades now and have dealt with many various hardware vendors in environments from small to enterprise size. Dealing with Mendax from the ordering process to delivery and even RMA was swift and smooth. I would highly recommend Mendax for your small to enterprise needs.

Steve Thrasher
VERITAS Software, Gresham, OR

Industry: Data Centers & Colocation
Solution: 1U Servers

Thank You

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I got last week getting the RAID Controller working. It is good to know that Mendax can support Kashya even across the world.

Laurence Mayer
Kashya, Ramat Gan, Israel

Industry: Data Centers & Colocation

Aerospace / Military

Custom Reliable Servers

One of Pratt & Whitney's driving philosophies is 'delighted customers', and as such we expect no less from our suppliers. With that in mind we would like to thank Mendax Microsystems for their great work expediting delivery of the over 180 various rack mount computers for Test Facilities. You were able to deliver on time, to satisfy a very challenging schedule, allowing P&WC to meet it's objectives. We look forward to continuing this relationship. Thank you.

General Procurement

Industry: Aerospace / Military

Nothing but great service.

I have been dealing with Tony and Mendax for five years now and no matter how many times I change my initial request, I get a complete and prompt quote. I can't even rememeber waiting for more than a week for my order. Great job guys !!! A+++ in service

Scott Hayes
Thales Inc., Saint Laurent, Quebec

Industry: Aerospace / Military

Audio, Video & Render Farms


Service excellent et rapide, accueil courtois, merci beaucoup.

Modulations, Montréal

Industry: Audio, Video & Render Farms


Dear Tony, it's always a pleasure to do business with you and it is fantastic to know that you will always support me with my network of...5 computers. Yes already 5. thank you for your help, quick service, and for the peace of mind. great machines, great support, great guy. Ciao. Clode

Les Productions de l'Archange inc, Montréal

Industry: Audio, Video & Render Farms

Home Entertainment & Digital Home

Thank you

Good service, good people, good after sales service, good computer... Thank you

Stephan Bouchard
, Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Home Entertainment & Digital Home

Telephony / VOIP / IP PBX

Flawless Systems!

Systems have worked flawlessly right out of the box.

Rob Ramseyer
J Communication Inc., Albuquerque, NM

Industry: Telephony / VOIP / IP PBX

Outstanding product

Outstanding product that suited my needs exactly. Thank you for an awesome product. I hope to do business again in the future!

, Honolulu, HI

Industry: Telephony / VOIP / IP PBX

Great products, great services

Since many years now, I have been working with Mendax and I am very satisfied of the products as well as their excellent service. I recommend Mendax to any company who need a good, stable and powerful server. Regards,

Marc-Andre Heroux
Deblecx, St-Bruno, Quebec

Industry: Telephony / VOIP / IP PBX
Solution: EDI Internet
Products Used: Servers

Great Service

Thanks Mendax for providing affordable, reliable servers for our growing business. This is our second round of purchases through Mendax. Both times we have gotten great customer service, quick delivery and best of all quality machines that don't break the bank.

Richard Wardell
Tri County Telephone, Basin Wyoming

Industry: Telephony / VOIP / IP PBX
Solution: General purpose servers (EMS and alarming applications)

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